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Clinical Psychology, Coaching & Counselling

Dr. Patrick Kennedy-Williams Clinical Psychologist Oxford CBT Therapy Adult and Child

Clinical Psychology and Counselling for Your Child or Teenager

Psychology Oxford delivers caring child centred therapy. When working with young people, we always place the child and their family first. We understand the importance of working with the whole family, including siblings and parents, in helping the child or young person overcome their difficulties. We have good working relationships with local schools and educational psychology services, and know the importance of co-ordinating care. 

Clinical Psychology and Counselling for Adults

Our therapy is dynamic and benefits from a range of psychological modalities, including CBTMindfulness, and other talking therapies. Our clinical psychologist provides therapy from our practice in North Oxford and via Skype or FaceTime.

Coaching Psychology for Adults, Teenagers and Parents

Coaching Psychologists can help you out of the woods and into a space of meaningful, present clarity. We help you rediscover your values, beliefs and goals. Wherever you are struggling we will work together to reunite you with the best version of yourself. It’s time to make a plan.

Parenting Workshops for Child Anxiety

After working with many children and families, we saw a gap between parents feeling completely on their own and seeking clinical therapy. There is a middle ground, and we believe that begins with equipping parents with the right tactics. We believe that with a little education and a little practice, parents are creative, resourceful and the best people to help their child. Our Workshops teach parent the skills they need to manage their Child’s anxiety.

Coaching For Businesses

We offer consultancy for businesses, applying psychological principles of workplace wellbeing. These can include identifying company culture, values-based workshops for companies, and other corporate projects. Contact us to find out more.

Finding the right psychologist or coach is a difficult decision in what is usually an already distressing time. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, understanding more about the therapeutic process can be very useful. Find out more.