BBC Radio 4 You and Yours: Helping a Hoarder Clear Out, with Dr Patrick Kennedy-Williams

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Patrick Kennedy-Williams discusses hoarding disorder, identification, treatment and support . Press play and have a listen.

Psychologist hoarding oxford

Between 2-6% of people can experience hoarding behaviours to a significant level, and there is a suggestion that the rates are increasing. Hoarding problems can lead to psychological difficulties such as shame and social isolation. They can also cause considerable safety risks, prime among which is avoidable fires in the home.

We know that forced 'clearouts' of people's homes often don't work, and they can leave the individual feeling angry and stigmatised. However, there are evidence-based psychological treatments that work. 

On of our Clinical Psychologists, Dr Patrick Kennedy-Williams, gave two interviews this week on the subject of Hoarding. The first, was with BBC Radio Oxford morning show with David Prever to comment on a local initiative to support decluttering of peoples' homes. The second was on BBC Radio 4's show 'You and Yours', where Peter White was asking for comment on a fantastic new initiative in South Yorkshire, funded by the Fire Service, and provided by Mind, the mental Health charity, to provide evidence-based support for people affected by hoarding behaviours.

If you would like to find out more about hoarding disorder, you can visit Hoarding Disorders UK and Hoarding UK charity websites. 
If you would like support with hoarding, you can also contact us